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 So, let's get started on an outline...


English skills  Pre-reading, writing, special needs and issues, reading skills, good reading (early, middle, challenging), 

Math  Hands on, basics, higher, history of, new research

Science  Fossils, Rocks, Geology, Weather, Ecology, plants, animals, birds, new research

Social Sciences  Geography, eras and civilizations (American and American Mythology, ancient, Europe, Asian, Indian, Exploration and Christianity, Politics of Religions, Modern Diplomacy/with in depth discussions of how history effects modern problems), new research and evidence.

Life Skills - How do you learn the things that mother didn't teach you? 

Music  Percussion, Learning, by instrument, history, appreciation

Gym (ya, like PE sounds any better! *L*)  Games, Sports, Fitness, Nutrition

Bible  Studies by predilection?




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