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        I'm not sure where this page format will finally end up.  There seems to be certain things that tie up together, and I'm going to try to create a simple check sheet for the most distraught parent to understand, with the research background that doctors and teachers will need to give this information the credibility it deserves.

Gfcf Diet - This answers Rimland's "Leaky Gut" theory, the Missing Enzyme/opiod research, the people with Celiac concerns, and the "Detox the body" camps.  Still don't know exactly why it's working, but it is doing well by some people.



Each family must make a personal choice to immunize their children or not.  Most will agree that most immunizations are completely safe for most children, BUT there seems to be quite a controversy over who fits in with "most" and what constitutes normal.  Bad reactions happen, and some children seem prone to allergies and reactions.  About the only rule of thumb that I've been able to see is that children with known egg allergies should ask about what exactly is in the shot.   Children with siblings or cousins with Developmental Delays that aren't attributable to Antibiotics or Yeast Infections should be very cautious about certain types of shots like MMR and DPT.  And never, even if the doctors and nurses pressure you, never get more than one shot in a day, or shoot anything when the baby is ill otherwise - even a diaper rash.

Illness, Yeast Infections

Description at

Allergies, Constipation, Diarrhea  Vitamins

Children with these sorts of issues have been put on a Gluten/Casein Free Diet with great success. 
From:  Hillary Hays

Autism Autoimmunity Project


B6, Magnesium, Folic Acid
Vitamin C

From:  Hillary Hays  (a great lady and a great source of information)

MSM Epsom
Paul Shattock at the URL: Sulphur Transferase Abnormalities  



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