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My general preschool page!!

Special Kids by John Sprecher - This collection of videos, CD ROMS and picture books teaches preschool concepts (numbers and quantities, alphabet, shapes and colors, body parts and grooming, etc) and were developed by the parent of an autistic child. P.O. Box 462, Muskego, WI 53150  (800) KIDS-153,,

* Konos - This Christian curriculum for non-3R subjects focuses on character traits. Children in a family explore topics in a unit that integrate subjects around a character trait.  Kids do mounds of at-home, hands-on activities through the 5 D's of learning:  do, discover, dramatize, dialogue and drill. P.O. Box 250, Anna, TX 75409  (972) 924-2712,,

Math-U-See - This multi-sensory math curriculum was developed by the father of a child with Down's Syndrome and uses videos and manipulatives to teach math concretely.  6601 East Mill Plain Boulevard, Vancouver, WA  98661  (360) 750-9050

Unit Studies:  Unit studies teach subjects around one theme, integrating learning.  More preparation is required by the parent, but most subjects are taught together and can be taught to children at different grade levels at the same time.  If pre-package curriculums are used, then children will be exposed to the same scope and sequence, but in a different order than what peers in school are doing.

Unschooling:  Unschooling is child-directed learning.  Children explore their environment and learn what interests them.  Parents help nuture the child's interests by helping the child access community resources and get information from a variety of sources.  Unschooling can involve using traditional learning and unit studies when the children is self-motivated to learn using those methods. Check out Laura's page.

Recommended Books

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