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 Our kids have so many different needs, and only we can be sure these needs are met.  

 Some suggest to write up an achievement list first, so you have a starting point.  Then, you need to list the goals that you'd like to concentrate on for today.  Then, the goals for the lifetime.  After all, no child learns everything in that magic 18 years.  Every child has called to ask, "How do I make poached eggs?" or something.  If our kids end up with  self care and basic economic skills, they will still be better off than most of society!

 This is like what the IEP process is meant to be, but this sort of thing is for our own use.  It can list out "Can sort clothes", then a related goal would to to teach a child to run the machines and fold the laundry away.  

 Here are some few of the resources for different means of teaching impaired or differently abled children.   "Standard" curricula providers are listed on the homeschool curricula page.  Of course, there is no easy way to separate these into neat sections as some providers have  wide selections.   Where someone has experience with a certain provider, I've tried to add that note to the recommendation.

Recommended Books

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