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 Comic Strip Conversations by Carol Gray - This book explains Comic Strip Conversation, which can reveal the perspective of autistic people.  A Comic Strip Conversation incorporates the use of simple drawings, symbols and color to illustrate relevant details, ideas and abstract concepts in selected conversations.  It systematically identifies what people say, do and think and uses color to identify the motivation (emotion) behind verbal statements.  Available from Future Horizons.

* The Original Social Story Book; New Social Stories by Carol Gray - These books contain social stories, which are reassuring ways to explain social behavior to autistic people.  A social story is a short story written in a specific style and format.  Each social story describes a situation or skill in terms of relevant social cues and common responses.  Available from Future Horizons. Her books are published by Future Horizons (and if you call them and explain your child, their pretty adept at determining which social story book is more helpful):  720 North Fielder, Arlington, TX  76012, (800) 489-0727   Now if you have specific questions on their implementation or really tough issues, you can contact Carol Gray:  Jenison Public Schools, 8375 20th, Jenison MI  49428  (616) 457-8955.  If you have written you're first one or have a difficult one to write and need editing, you can fax them to (616) 457-8442 (include your phone number so she can call you back).  She carries them around with her so if a meeting starts late or she's on an airplane, she'll read through her stack.  You can also call her office to see where the nearest workshop is being held.

Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D. Center for the Study of Autism, Salem, Oregon has a social stories webpage

Developing Recreation Skills - a book on my list to read soon!  It also has a great breakdown of how different issues effect a person who's trying to learn/do a hobby.

Skillstreaming by various authors - The series of books designed for early education, elementary school and adolescents lists skill steps to help develop social behaviors for the given age group.  Available from Thinking Publications.

Recommended Books

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