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 Reasons Why Our Family Homeschools:

(1) We have attended workshops and read extensively about the best programs available for children with autism: sensory integration, social stories, TEACCH, ABA, patterning and learning styles.

(2) We have linked up with a fantastic homeschooling support group who allows our daughter to be truly included and mainstreamed with peers and children of a variety of ages in a loving environment.

(3) We have networked with other homeschoolers like us on the internet who provided tremendous encouragement, knowledge and hope.

(4) We have focused on her unique strengths, interests and abilities to help her compensate for her weaknesses, allowing success to inspire more success.

(5) Our home is a quiet, stress-free setting which enables her to learn in her own way without frustrating distractions and wasted time.

(6) At home, special dietary and nutritional interventions are much easier to implement. These protocols have enabled our daughter to make stunning improvements.

Tammy G.

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