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7 Ways of Learning (By Tammy Glaser)

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) or Lovaas - Behavioral Intervention for Young children with Autism edited by Catherine Maurice - This book outlines how to establish ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) in early intervention programs for children with autism.  There are many organizations throughout the country dedicated to the ABA method--this book will indicate resources for starting an ABA program.  Available from ARI. 4182 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116  (619) 281-7165

ABA Software  World Enabling Resources Unltd. Inc; 5231 Pinetree Road; Coral Springs Florida 33067, ph#954-341-2878

* Dr. Greenspan's "floor time" method of helping children with autism.  Dr. Greenspan works from Bethesda, MD, and has also been a big part in developing the Unicorn Foundation for children with autism. His website, and a directory to related professionals is  

 The specialized preschool that H. attended used a method very similar, and the Director studied for a couple of summers with Dr. Greenspan. So I think it is worth learning about. It is a way of teaching interaction and play skills through compassionate shaping. We sure saw a great deal of advancement in our son with this method, so I would encourage others to see if it might be of help for their child or children. (from Lisa S)

This approach targets all aspects of development through the use of Floor Time.  Floor Time is a series of techniques that helps open and close circles of communication in order to foster the child’s interaction development. Floor Time is unstructured interaction directed by the interests of the child. Unicorn Children’s Foundation, 5401 Northwest Broken Sound Boulevard, Boca Raton, FL 33487  (561) 989-1133,

Different Roads to Learning - catalog with many different things for ABA

Edmark - This catalog has print materials and programs for helping teach special children in addition to the children's educational software on the market.    Attn:  Customer Service, P.O. Box 97021, Redmond, WA 98073-9721  (800) 691-2986,,

* HWWOT (Handwriting without Tears) - This handwriting book was developed by an occupational therapist, gives great tips for teaching handwriting and uses a slate chalkboard method for practicing motor plans to reduce frustration. Jan Z. Olsen, OTR Handwriting Without Tears, Inc., 8001 Mac Arthur Blvd., Cabin John, MD 20818

Jeanne Lyons
  The CD is $15 , S & H $2 and the cassette is $10...add $1 for S $ H... write to: Jeanne Lyons' Tunes for Knowing and Growing, Inc., P.O. Box 72857, Marietta, GA 30007         

PCI Educational Publishing

Pro-Ed - This organization publishes, produces, and sells books, curricular and therapy materials, tests and journals dedicated to the issues of psychology; special education; rehabilitation; gifted education; and speech, language and hearing.  Pro-Ed's materials can be used by parents, students and professionals.
8700 Shoal Creek Boulevard, Austin, TX 78757  (800) 897-3202,,

NACD (National Academy for Child Development) - This international organization of parents and professionals help children and adults reach their full potential.  Founded by educator and lecturer Robert J. Doman, Jr., NACD designs very specific home educational and therapeutic programs. P.O. Box 380, Huntsville, UT 84317  (801) 621-8606,,

Son-Rise Progray by The Option Institute - a unique way of working with developmentally challenged children and adults. It's based on the methods the Kaufman's used to help their son as described in the book "Sonrise." 2080 South Undermountain Road, Sheffield, MA  01257-9643  (413) 229-2100,

TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped Children) - This organization is dedicated to improving the understanding and services for autistic and communication handicapped children and their families. TEACCH provides training and conduct research through services such as books, journal articles, workshops, etc. Division TEACCH Administration and Research, CB# 7180, 31 0 Medical School Wing E, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7180  (919) 966-2174,,

World Enabling Resources Unltd. It is: (ABA Provider) (from Sherry F)

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